„A man cannot be confortable without his own approval” – Mark Twain

Plastic surgery offers outstanding solutions for physical imperfections that prevent us from being ourselves. This specialization based on the principles of plastic surgery and advanced technological innovations meets the individual aspirations related to appearance.

Remarkable medical advances in recent years have made these procedures comfortable, requiring short periods of recovery and with spectacular results. Worldwide, so far, about 25 million people have turned to plastic surgery interventions. In Eliade Clinic, the surgeries or the minimally invasive surgeries are implemented in maximum security conditions, based on comfort and discretion, by highly-specialized physicians in plastic surgery procedures, with many years of experience in the private surgical field.

Each customer benefits from individual counselling, complex tests and treatment recommendations. The Medical Personnel of Eliade Clinic is with you from the first consultation until the last one.


The Facial Plastic Surgery


The Facial Plastic Surgery, cosmetic or reconstructive surgery that can change your perception of yourself and others

We communicate by expressions and we define our personality through features. The face is undoubtedly the most representative identity landmark of each one of us.
We all want to look better, to remove the aging signs or to correct the flaws that prevent us from feeling comfortable. The desire to improve the aesthetic appearance is natural. In this approach, a key principle of the plastic surgery is finding the cosmetic solutions that could maintain the naturalness of the features and could keep the harmony of the whole appearance.
The facial surgical correction refers to three dimensions: remodelling the parts that were developed in disharmony with the rest of the face (eg. Nose, ears, lips), removing the aging signs and reconstruction of congenital malformations or accidental trauma.
The medical advances have allowed an important development of the surgical techniques which have become diversified, have become safer and more comfortable. However, whether it is a rhinoplasty, a neck lift or a scar excision, the surgeon’s training and experience are essential.


The Body Plastic Surgery


Technological advances provide the expected results comfortably. 

Body shaping occurs when exercise or diet do not give you the expected aesthetic results. Fortunately, due to the technological revolution, for each body part there are customized surgical approach solutions.
The plastic surgery of the body seeks harmony, and the doctor must respect the particularities with which nature has endowed us all.
In this category, the plastic surgery of the breast is probably the most important segment. The passage of time, pregnancy, weight fluctuations or hereditary factors may lead to changes in breast shape and loss of firmness. Breast correction or breast augmentation with silicone prostheses restores an important female attribute.
By lipoabsorbtion or abdominoplasty, the plastic surgery offers spectacular results in the case of fat accumulation. This issue can occur in both women and men, in general, due to fluctuations in body weight.


Non-Invasive Aesthetic Treatments


Innovative medical procedures for a forever young “look and feel”.

Aesthetic Medicine offers non-invasive solutions that reduce the signs of time and is often preferred as a more convenient alternative to surgical interventions.
At the same time, non-invasive techniques can complement medical or surgical techniques (lifting, blepharoplasty etc.) or can be integrated in the full face rejuvenation process in order to ensure a lasting effect.
At the Eliade Clinic, the correction of facial wrinkles and tension – by Botox injection, or hyaluronic acid fillers, for lips and dark circles – is applied in maximum security and full comfort. Results are visible almost immediately and recovery periods are less than 24 hours.

Our slogan “Conscious Choice” underlines our concern for a medical approach based on full and assumed information, harmony, beauty and health. We welcome you to the Eliade Clinic for a specialist consultation.

The experience of our doctors can tell you if non-surgical techniques are recommended to you.