Asyra Pro

Asyra Pro is the most advanced, flexible and friendly bioenergetic scanning system, the result of 30 years of continuous research and improvement in the application of the principles of energetic evaluation – through the process called computerized electrodermal screening – being the tenth generation built on the original researches of Dr. Voll.

Brief history

The original concept of using the bioresonance technology analysis was developed by Dr. Reinhart Voll in the 50s. He conducted a research work on thousands of patients with preset diagnoses in order to understand how to achieve the technology calibration. The amount of energy passing through the cell structure of the organ or system reveals the functional status of the tissue. Due to the fact that the screening is based on certain default parameters of health assessment, any deviation from the normal is easily detected. This allows us to have a true picture of how the body works.

Once the problem areas are identified, we make a pre-scan of the available treatment possibilities. We send towards the body certain representative electromagnetic “signatures” of the remedies/therapies and we evaluate its reaction.

… this allows us to evaluate the response to treatment before administration Dr. Reinhold Voll.

Asyra Pro analyzes the impedance and dynamics of the capacitance (the capacitor function) of the tissues. The calculations and the mathematical formulas underlying the technology were developed by Dr. Diller and his collaborators over the years spent in the Stanford University laboratories and specially adapted to the Asyra system.

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