Designed to soothe the skin prone to redness. It is especially suitable for dry skin. It starts with the cleansing milk and the toner, then a mild exfoliation to remove dead cells without the use of aggressive agents.

Capyl Rose, an aqueous serum will calm redness. The next step consists of a lympho-energy modeling with a serum followed by a real delight: the application of a mask on the face, neck and clevage. After removing the mask, the skin protection offered by the Ylang cream marks the end of the treatment.

Specific Ingredients: Horse Chestnut, Centella Asiatica

Type of skin: Skin prone to redness

Purpose: To soothe and reduce redness

Recommendation: Intensive treatment for 6 weeks (once a week) or for maintenance once a month

Results: It soothes the skin, reduces redness