Eliade Clinic represents the space and time where the Universe “arranged” so to bring together on the same wavelength, real people and ideas, intuition and trust, passion and enthusiasm, joy and dedication, openness and involvement. Countless cosmic details had to get together and organize themselves into a perfect synchronicity for this project to come alive. This cosmic choreography, this work of art, as I like to call these purely creative years, today, manifests itself for you.
I wish with all my heart that the intensity of emotion for which I trembled in every moment and which we have shown in every moment during this project, will accompany you in the ELIADE journey and serve your highest goals in the inner healing and spiritual evolution!

Eliade Clinic is a milestone in the fulfilment of a dream that has been waltzing with me and in my life, for many years; it is a multitude of experiences, challenges, emotions, fears, falls and raisings, accomplishments and failures, life lessons, discovery and personal evolution. I thank life for all these, which through the privilege of offering me in my journey, in this life, 4 children, not only 4 children, but 4 boys that became the biggest life challenge in every sense. They have been through all the problems and situations they subjected me to, the main engine for my searches and my biggest achievement in the path of endless curiosity and a desire to find solutions outside the classical ones, and I refer here to health and healing aspect. But !!!! The climax in the fulfilment of this dream will be for me to see, to hear, to feel, to taste, to smell your success, you who today have chosen to read us, visit us, experience us.

Thank you first of all for your intuition and confidence to choose us as simple traveller on this site or as a patient, through the profound experience that we start together.

Cristina Teodora Timis



* To acknowledge and to educate the public so that they understand and integrate the most important miracle that life has given us, namely that our natural state which exists in us, ever since we came into this existence and for which we were created, is that of health and happiness;
* To identify and bring together the most innovative, natural and non-invasive methods of prevention, assessment, early diagnosis of any type of health problems, all based on holistic, personalized medicine;
*  To bring comfort, improvements, balance and healing to those who choose us, through the most easily accessible, pleasant and graceful methods of treatment;



Eliade Clinic is a sacred encounter between our team and you. It is that specially created space, in which our highest purpose is to decipher, understand and bring to the surface your most beautiful health potential. We want it to express itself and flow freely, so that you can achieve health and happiness and to keep them harmoniously in your life.

It the state in which all your systems – physical, emotional, mental – should find the balance and manifest it harmoniously in your relationship with yourself, with everyone and everything around you and with this priceless gift that we experience, called life! Our vision is supported by wonderful beings – as people and professionals, who share and who are connected with each other through the same system of high VALUES.

They recommend and support our:

Integrity, Responsibility, Empathy, Dedication, Passion, Enthusiasm, Creativity, Trust and Friendship, Respect and Tolerance. We are deeply motivated HERE and NOW to meet your needs. Inspired by these values, we choose to bestow states that make the difference. We choose to evolve together for a better, more open, more loving world, with healthy and happy people, experiencing life in harmony with themselves and the entire Universe.