Masaj Terapeutic

Masaj Terapeutic

Alege constient

Homosapiens used as a healing technique the therapeutic act called the “art of caressing”. What did massage mean in the beginning? It was born from the instinctive gesture of massaging a painful place with the hand. Human Evolution has led to the evolution of this technique and the “art of caressing”; we can say that depending on the culture, religion, social status, the caress takes various forms and names and it can be framed in a whole true concept.

We have the same inner need for love, we ask for it consciously or we keep it captive in our subconscious. Massage is, among other things, a form of expressing love through caress.

The priests were the first professional practitioners, the massage was included in certain religious practices and purification rituals and physical, mental and spiritual heal. The therapy itself included magic recipes uttered in a form of a prayer, and the massage was just a gesture that accompanied those prayers, influencing the state of the affected person.

Homophilosophus in India established a concept that says that this physical body of the man is “an indispensable instrument of the soul, the boat that carries him to the other shore of this ocean called life, and without it the final release would be impossible. That is why the body should be groomed and mastered and among the means used we also find the massage…”

Here are some indications of the Therapeutic Massage:

* Musculoskeletal disorders – rheumatic, neurological, traumatic, psychogenic – joint diseases, myositis, myofascitis, myogelosis, cellulite, neuritis and polyneuritis, muscular retractions, muscle contractures, muscular hypotrophy and atrophy of various causes.

* Diseases of the cardiovascular system – lymphatic and venous stasis, with peripheral circulatory edema.

* Psychogenic disorders – forms of asthenic neurosis, spasmophilias, neurovegetative dystonia.

* Dysmetabolic diseases – obesity, diabetes, gout.

* Geriatrics – maintenance therapy and stimulation of the skeletal muscle and the decreased metabolism after laboratory explorations.

* Optimization of the athletic shape.

* Inactivity.

* Secondary prophylaxis

* Improvement of the skin consistency, elasticity and mobility.

* Increase of the suppleness and improvement of the blood circulation in the subcutaneous and connective tissue.

* Stimulating the product resorption around lesions for a faster recovery and for spending up the cicatrisation.

* Improving the blood circulation by increasing the amount of oxygen in the tissues and a quicker elimination of the toxic waste resulted from the muscle activity.

* Activation of lymph circulation of the lymphatic pathways with a more rapid resorption of edema and of the interstitial fluids.

” To achieve healing is above all in medical science; there are several ways, but while they are all leading towards this goal we have to choose the one that is less harmful”. Hippocrates

Eliade Clinic offers a holistic approach to this whole sysem called THE MAN through Therapeutic Massage. Each need will be approached differently, with complex techniques and it was chosen in order to solve as much as it is possible from the current problem and to prevent others. We can address various techniques, the therapist will use his knowledge gained in the years of study and practice and will combine in one session of Therapeutic Massage exactly the recovery methods needed.

Choose the Terapeutic Massage for a preventive or curative purpose and let yourself be indulged in the hands of the Clinic Eliade therapists!