The massage with volcanic rocks derived from an ancient therapy originating from India. The earliest therapies demonstrated by the illustrations show how the patients were stepping in different ways on the volcanic rocks heated in thermal waters, according to the the indications of a healer/medicine man. The herapy was undertaken in the modern times and transformed into a therapy enjoyed by the entire body.
There are ancient writings which attest through great theories that the volcanic rocks are able to keep the geothermal energy from the volcanic origin the come from (hence the name of geothermal therapy), which has the ability to deliver it in a natural way and only “as much as it is needed and where it is needed”, therefore helping the body to find the inner remedies of self-healing.

The basic principle in this therapy: activation of the energy meridians through which the energy is distributed throughout the body and also the chakras activation hence release of the energy which is stagnant in some segments (being felt both physically, mentally and emotionally).

Here are some Benefits of the massage with volcanic rocks:

* Beneficial upon the energetic imbalances;

* Beneficial in headaches, myalgia, muscle contractures, poor circulation;

* Increases the skin sensitivity;

* Helps the process of toxine elimination;

* Improves the ability of the collagen fibres to keep their elasticity;

* Reduces the muscle pain, the spasms and the joint pain;

* Energizing effect and stimulation of the CNS;

* Increases blood circulation, increases T.A .;

* Raises body temperature (beneficial for people suffering from cold extremities);

* Accelerates the pulse (10 beats per 1 Celsius);

* Accelerates oxygen assimilation at cellular level and the metabolic rate;

* Improves the kidney activity;

* Helps in reducing edema;

* Application of the stones on the opposite part of the affected area draws the blood flow from the affected area and thus it reduces the tension;

Side effects: peripheral vascular dilation causes redness, relaxation, so the breathing rate may decrease, it lowers the blood pressure and the pulse and it causes deep muscular relaxation.


* Serious heart conditions;

* Hypertension;

* Hyperthyroidism;

* Pronounced spider veins, spider veins, varicose veins;

* Skin conditions (acne, keratosis, infections, open sores);

* Fever;

* Pregnant women;

* Epilepsy;

* Various conditions where heat would worsen the overall state.