We have gathered the richness of the therapies from different cultures in order to create a customized massage that will be perceived as an inner journey within the Eliade Medical Spa space.

By communicating your needs to your therapist, you will receive a combination of the techniques studied, detailed and offered in several years of experience in the field of the SPA therapies.

Thus, each massage will be different and will respond every time your needs of the moment.

Depending on your needs, the therapy will be a complex combination of the following techniques:

* LomiLomiKahuna Massage
* Deep Tissue Massage
* Californian Massage
* ThaiNuad Massage
* Aroma Vedic Massage

These techniques come from different cultures, they have long history in the field of alternative therapies used by the authentic healers, who found that although we have the same inner need, we express it differently and we ask differently for “directions towards healing”, therefore there have appeared and still appear many massages as a form of therapy.

Eliade Spa invites you to discover your attitude through this massage, to express yourself the way you feel, to define yourself through the emotions and body language. The interior speaks to us, we just need to feel it and listen to it!