Ozone Sauna

Ozone Sauna

OZONE SAUNA  HOCATT PLUS – Health and Beauty

HOCATT PLUS stands for transdermal ozone therapy with hyperthermic ozone and carbonic acid, and Plus speaks about the fact the same system integrates multiple therapies such as:

  • Steam sauna/Hydrotherapy
  • Transdermal ozone steam therapy
  • Oxygen steam therapy
  • Oxygen inhalations therapy (EWOT)
  • chromotherapy
  • aromatherapy

This ozone steam sauna, with multiple therapeutic qualities, is the most advanced technology, the most comprehensive, most effective and safest treatment line that absolutely anyone can use, from patient to each person who takes care of their health, detoxification and beauty.

Besides the transdermal effect, Hocatt Plus adds the advantage of local and systemic therapies such as:

  • Ear, rectal and vaginal insufflations (with disposable cannulas);
  • Local therapy with oxygen (burns, blows, bruises, painful points) by applying a suction cup on the problematic place, for an added effect of the transdermal general one;
  • Suction cup system for the breasts, it considerably improves the appearance of the area;
  • Chromotherapy and aromatherapy, to increase vitality and wellbeing;
  • During the time spent in the sauna you benefit of inhaled oxygen which helps to have a better mental and physical performance and also to burn calories.
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