Terapia Scenar

Terapia Scenar

Scenar – A revolutionary technology of energetical balance and instant elimination of pain

The Scenar therapy was developed in the 80s by a group of Russian doctors and scientists, inspired by the desire to find an “universal” cure for the health problems faced by the staff of the spaceflight. The exclusive original purpose of this exceptional invention was enlarged over the years going from the  area of the military applications towards the the civil area. Currently, this therapy is often used in the hospitals in Russia, by the medical and non-medical staff in Europe, America, Australia, and in Germany it is introduced in the educational programa of the future physicians.

What is the Scenar therapy?

Scenar stands for Self Controlled Energo Neuro Adaptive Regulation. Scenar therapy is emerging as a new branch of modern medicine, being a holistic, non-invasive solution for adjusting the adaptive processes of the body. It is a bio-feedback therapy that uses an electronic device that acts upon the relevant points on the skin, based on certain operating protocols that take into account the nervous routes and pelxus. Its sends an electromagnetic signal which is identical to the nervous signal.

The action exerted at the level of these points is reflected over the central nervous system and the targeted organs, in the form of electrical pulses modulated instantly thanks to the software included in the device, it creates a constructive dialogue between the body and the device, during which the nervous system is helped to find its balance on its own, and to acquire a new way of overcoming the obstacles brought by the most diverse pathologies.

Simultaneously, the therapy has a powerful and immediate analgesic effect due to the stimulation of the nervous fibers C, which begin to secrete neuropeptides waterfalls, substances from the endorphins category, the body’s own substances that reduce the pain.

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What effects does it produce?

The main effect is to restore the body’s homeostasis. This means that the body is helped to find its  balance on multiple levels and ultimately its own healing by using its own potential with maximum efficiency in terms of substance, energy and information. Ever since the first session you can feel the effects of deep relaxation and balancing which trigger the processes of healing and regeneration. Very intense and immediate is the analgesic, edematous, anti-inflammatory and fever-lowering effect. The healing processes are accelerated by an average of 70%. At the cellular level, through membrane repolarization the detoxification and cellular nutrition processes are stimulated.


Acute and chronic diseases of the respiratory, digestive, muscular, skeletal, endocrine, blood, lymphatic, cardiac and circulatory systems, genital and reproductive disorders, ENT, skin, teeth and internal organs diseases; general regulation of the metabolism.

Pain caused by various etiologies, trauma, joint problems, neuralgia, migraine, burns, frostbite, edema, inflammation, recovery periods, specific diseases of the sport medicine, allergic states;  energy imbalance of various symptoms for all ages; prevention of the occurrence of a disease through early correction of the inefficient energetical and functional patterns; toning and rejuvenation the epitelial and muscular tissue; cellular and entire body detoxification.


There are no adverse effects except a possible local redness of the skin.

SCENAR therapy is not advisable in the following cases:

  1. The existence of a pacemaker or other electrical stimulator in the body
  2. Serious mental disorders
  3. Epilepsy (except the seizure when it can intervene to overcome the crisis)
  4. Status of high blood alcohol level
  5. Cardiac fibrillation
  6. Menstruation (and a period of 3-5 days prior to it)
  7. Metal implants or transplants done in the past 6 months (we can work on other areas of influence)
  8. Thrombosis (we can work on other areas if there is a precise location of the thrombus)
  9. Abdominal pain without a clear cause (the analgesic effect can make the pain go away, but a condition of peritonitis, for example, may continue in a hidden way and it is recommended to diagnose it with the device for locating the problem and its severity)


  • During pregnancy do not work the abdominal area
  • In patients with cancer formations – do not work directly on the lesions
  • Patients who are taking antibiotics – the efficiency of the  therapy may be diminished.